Requirements for an air traffic controller

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While it is certainly attractive to be a pilot flies the aircraft to various destinations, or a wonderful hostess, there are many people behind the Soft Machine, that is the airline industry. One of these studies is that the air traffic controller. If you are motivated, committed and confident, then you should think and learn how to become an air traffic controller. In some of the world's busiest airports, is one of the most stressful jobs you need an air traffic controller assigned to manage air traffic with the air space. Learning to become an air traffic controller, means mastery of tasks, such as the delivery of instruction, not only for the pilot, but the ground staff and ensure that all aircraft launch and land gently. For all the work that they put on an air traffic controller has the support of the radar screens, where the planes appear as tiny points of light.

So if you are fascinated by all this and looking for work on air traffic controllers, then you need to know, an air traffic controller and the requirements for the work that they have become. The profession of air traffic controllers is very demanding as ever to follow the communication with several aircraft. There is no fixed schedule, and you have put in almost 40 hours per week. Make this work requires tremendous concentration and efficiency. At any time the safety of passengers on several of his hands can be very stressful. Let us now look at the skills you need to know is to be an air traffic controller.

Requirements for an air traffic controller will
air traffic controller
There are three categories of applicants who can apply for that job openings for aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The first category consists of people who have previous experience as an air traffic controller, with 52 consecutive weeks of experience. This includes those who have experience with air traffic control to the military. So if you all you need to have become an air traffic controller Air Force did and became one, then you may be entitled to a job with the FAA. The FAA Web site provides much information about him. The second category of candidates are those who have no experience in air traffic controllers. The third category consists of those candidates in one of 31 schools who have trained approved by the FAA. The programs of these schools offer engineering degrees include air traffic control.

Other requirements for this career opportunity includes an age limit of 30 years if no previous experience as an air traffic controller. There are other skills that an air traffic controller must necessarily possess. This ability is a short tutorial are clear and concise quickly to the pilot's ability to interpret and process information, a good memory, the ability to work in an environment that can work loud and annoying type, etc.

The FAA announced vacancies regular air traffic controllers. So if you have all the knowledge of how an air traffic controller, a routine review of their website for vacancies have to be collected. They have on the website for an account once and then apply for the job register. The FAA reviewed all applications it receives and is then eligible candidates to report on the examination date. You have to be considered a pre-employment test for the job. Air Traffic Selection and Training (AT-SAT) as the test is known, has a minimum score of 70 and in various sections, as are analogies, applied mathematics, reading the dial, ATC scenario tested, the letter factory, personalities, and exploration capabilities. There are many training resources available on the market that help you to prepare for this test. If you learn how to become an air traffic controller, you must also prepare for rounds of rigorous medical examinations, background checks and interviews. Once selected, a training course at the FAA Academy in Oklahoma City. This applies to all employees who want to be FAA air traffic controllers, if you learn how to become an air traffic controller in New York or San Francisco true.

Once you are qualified, can be booked at various locations. Due to the stressful nature of their work, air traffic controller pay is usually very high, ranging between USD 45,000 and USD 161 000. This varies depending on their experience and educational qualifications you have. Now that you know how to become an air traffic controller, to think seriously about this career option, if you are looking for a job with the airline industry

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